84. Quasi-epitaxial growth of BaTiS3 films

Mythili Surendran and Guodong Ren et al., Journal of Materials Research (2022)

Quasi-epitaxial growth of BaTiS3 films

Mythili Surendran, Boyang Zhao, Guodong Ren, Shantanu Singh, Amir Avishai, Huandong Chen, Jae-Kyung Han, Megumi Kawasaki, Rohan Mishra and Jayakanth Ravichandran

Perovskite chalcogenides have emerged as a new class of semiconductors with tunable band‑gap in the visible‑infrared region. High quality thin films are critical to understand the fundamental properties and realize the potential applications of these materials. We report growth of quasi‑epitaxial thin films of quasi‑one‑dimensional hexagonal chalcogenide BaTiS3 by pulsed laser deposition. Optimal growth conditions were identified by varying the substrate temperature and H2S partial pressure and their effects on the film structure were examined. High‑resolution thin film X‑ray diffraction shows strong out‑of‑plane texture, whereas no evidence of in‑plane relationship between the film and the substrate is observed. Grazing incidence wide‑angle X‑ray scattering and scanning transmission electron microscopy studies reveal the presence of weak epitaxial relationships of the film and the substrate, despite a defective interface. Our study opens up a pathway to realize quasi‑1D hexagonal chalcogenide thin films and their heterostructures with perovskite chalcogenides.