7. Defect states and disorder in semiconductor nanowires


Defect states and disorder in charge transport in semiconductor nanowires.
D. Ko, X. W. Zhao, K. M. Reddy, O. D. Restrepo, R. Mishra, T. R. Lemberger, I. S. Beloborodov, N. Trivedi, N. P. Padture, W. Windl, F. Y. Yang, E. Johnston-Halperin, J. Appl. Phys. 114, 043711 (2013).

We present a comprehensive investigation into disorder-mediated chargetransport in InP nanowires in the statistical doping regime. At zero gate voltage, transport is well described by the space charge limited current model and hopping transport, but positive gate voltage (electron accumulation) reveals a previously unexplored regime of nanowire charge transport that is not well described by existing theory. The ability to continuously tune between these regimes provides guidance for the extension of existing models and directly informs the design of next-generation nanoscale electronic devices.


Tags: 2013, R. Mishra