Fanning the flames

Arashdeep and Rohan’s research, published on Nature Geoscience about the unusual and important impact of wildfire smoke on climate, was featured by McKelvey School of Engineering.

Congratulations Zhaohan!

Congratulations to Dr. Zhaohan Zhang on successfully defending her thesis entitled “Design of Multi-Principal Element Materials using a Combination of First-principles Calculations and Materials Informatics”. Zhaohan is the fourth PhD graduate from M-cube. She is the first student in the group to defend their thesis in person. Also, the first graduate from the group to […]

NSF CAREER Award to support work on novel semiconductors

We thank the NSF for supporting our group’s work through a CAREER award. The McKelvey School of Engineering wrote a short article on the grant. Read it here: Mishra to develop novel ferroelectric semiconductors with NSF CAREER Award

Research on 2D high-entropy alloys featured in C&EN news

John’s research on two-dimensional high entropy alloys of transition metal dichalcogenides was featured in a story on new complex alloys in the C&EN magazine. Read the story here: New complex alloys push the limits of materials If you can’t go through the paywall, you can read it here: ACS Central Science Many thanks to Neil Savage for highlighting our work.

Our work on 2D high entropy alloys is featured by WashU & popular media

John’s work on designing 2D high entropy alloys of transition metal dichalcogenides for CO2 reduction that appeared in Advanced Materials was featured in WashU Source, materialstoday, Futurity, and quite a few other popular media outlets. Congratulations John!

Congratulations Arashdeep!

Congratulations to Dr. Arashdeep Thind on successfully defending his thesis entitled “Rational Design and Optimization of Perovskite Semiconductors”. Arashdeep is the third PhD graduate from M-cube. He is a coauthor on 16 papers that are already published, and many more articles that are under review. Arashdeep, was the 1st student to join M-cube. After finishing his […]

Congratulations John!

Congraduation to Dr. John Cavin on successfully defending his thesis entitled “Computational design of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide alloys and their applications”. John is the second PhD graduate from M-cube. Incidentally, John defended his thesis exactly one year after Dr. Steven Hartman defended his on April 8, 2020. John will move to Northwestern for a […]

Transition metal dichalcogenide alloys and electrides works featured by XSEDE

John’s work, published in Advanced Materials, entitled “Quasi‐Binary Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Alloys: Thermodynamic Stability Prediction, Scalable Synthesis, and Application” and Steven’s work, published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, entitled “Layered electrides as fluoride intercalation anodes” were featured in XSEDE news. The electride story was also featured by other sites, including and Futurity. Congratulations John and Steven, and Thank […]

Epsilon-Ga2O3 work makes into “highly cited, highly read research” in APL

Sung’s article on “Epitaxial engineering of polar ε-Ga2O3 for tunable two-dimensional electron gas at the heterointerface” makes it into the list of “Highly Cited, Highly Read Research in Semiconductors” in Applied Physics Letters. Congratulations Sung on a beautiful work!

Congratulations Ben!

Ben successfully defended his Masters thesis entitled “First-principles investigation of doping and alloying of β-Ga2O3”. Keeping up with the M-cube tradition, his defense was also online. Ben, best wishes on new adventures!

Congratulations Dr. Hartman!

Congratulations to Dr. Steven Hartman, the first PhD graduate from M-cube. Steven has set many firsts for the group, including being the first IMSE (and M-cube) PhD student to defend his thesis online through Zoom. This was due to the Covid-19 situation. Steven, best wishes for your next adventure in the beautiful Los Alamos area!