For the most part, we forget to take pictures. Here’s a few snapshots from events that we did remember to capture.

Dinner with the invited speakers and co-organizers of symposium QM04: charged topological defects in functional materials at the 2023 MRS Spring meeting in San Francisco.
Group dinner at Lu Lu restaurant to celebrate the end of Spring’23 semester and Daniel’s graduation.
Group dinner at Joo Joo restaurant in 2022
Congratulations to Dr. Zhaohan Zhang! This is the 1st time any M-cube member, including Rohan, walked in a graduation ceremony (2022).
Congratulations to Dr. John Cavin and Dr. Arashdeep Singh Thind (Group bbq in 2021)!
Group bbq in 2021
M-cube in 2019
Rohan was the marshal for the engineering school at the inauguration ceremony for Chancellor Martin (2019)
M-cube (2017)